Nippon Chemi-Con (NCC)

Nippon Chemi-Con (NCC) is the first class capacitor made in Japan.

This is the Premium grade motherboard capacitor.This series is the BEST in Nippon Chemi-Con (NCC) for motherboard capacitor.The KZJ/KZG series is also recommended for VRM for higher speed CPU's.The KZJ/KZG series, which employs a newly developed electrolyte and low resistance paper, are especially aimed for VRM of CPU with high clock frequency. As a higher clock frequency of CPU is required for improved PC performance the capacitors for VRM are required the following characteristics:


Super low ESR/impedance capacitors due to very low resistivity electrolyte

Rated voltage range : 6.3 to 16V, Nominal capacitance range : 470 to 3,300MF Endurance with ripple current : 105C 2,000 hours

The KZJ/KZG series capacitors are designed for computer motherboards.