ELNA For Audio Capacitor

ELNA is the first class capacitor made in Japan.

CERAFINE series Fine ceramic adopted electrolytic capacitor for audio.

This reproduces very clear sound with real concert-hall presence by depressing the generation of electrical noise due to external vibration.

As the charging and discharging speed between the oxidized film of anode and field surface of electrolyte and the variation of potential due to unevenness of fibers of separating paper sheets are improved by the electro-chemical action of super fine particle ceramic, this product realize high grade audio tone with excellent sound resolution power, good rise in the low-pitched sound region and no distortion in the medium and high-pitched sound region.

For bipolar capacitors, consult with us.

All lead wires oxygen-free copper for extremely low distortion. (Third high frequency distortion 10kHz,0.1A,-120dB or less)

Printed "Cerafine" mark